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Why people are hypnotized by The Avengers “ENDGAME” and GoT?

Nowadays, the only important thing in our lives seems to be either the last chapter of GoT or Avengers’ Final Battle. So, you know what? Nope, I’m not gonna try to explain you the references of the movie regarding the comics, neither will I mention the existing mistake of continuity that is in endgame since they are playing games with narrativity about time-travel trips (I think to discuss about that is something stupid, well, you all know, it is a movie about “super heroes”).

I don’t want to point at and demonize the “superheroes” movies. Certainly, I’m not either gonna ask you whether you’re aware of the limits these productions set in our minds. In other words, I wonder if you have ever noticed that we are getting used only to the digital aesthetics and to those kinds of stories full of fxs.

So, here you have my viewpoint in slow motion because it is a reflection and I don’t wanna get you bored. I must say I’m not against superheroes movies, “Mr. Glass”, for example, is a masterpiece in my opinion. But, with these all wonderful role models and superheroes around we are missing the real art objective, that touch for the human being soul, to create awareness, to look in the mirror of our minds and feel the life.

Note: Superheroes movies could make everything I have mentioned before, however, most of the people just keep the overview about that kind of films. Wondering what an overview is? This is when people just watch a production because of the fxs, superpowers, and all in all, just to have fun and entertainment. We may even think that superheroes movies have some social lessons nevertheless after 11 years of making this sort of movies, I can tell, Art is the least important topic in this case, Entertainment has become the big deal, and of course, financial earnings for the producers. I do like GoT, but I get confused whenever I see Tyron Lannister though, I can’t help thinking about Julio Cesar, I guess this fiction character is quite similar to this historical character, then I think Little Finger philosophy is the same as Machiavelli’s philosophy, and, what about his outfit? I can’t see how they take these historical references and gave them back in a different way, just like they have reinvented the history and have create brand-new cultural references for those minds belonging to the new generations. Superheroes film industry has just made the same thing, and in this case, they twisted Greek philosophy, fact that leaves us teachings like the one that says destiny is inevitable, just the way Thanos is.

The big ego of American empire nowadays has changed the rules of the game by stablishing a new hero philosophy, “superhero philosophy”, where the hero has super powers and as it occurs at the end, he or she always results winners and never dies, whatever “winner” and “never dies” mean. Message of the Endgame for me is, as Mr. Glass says, “I don’t believe this is a movie which sets an end to the superheroes movies”. What about GoT? Well, they have played and twisted both, occidental philosophy and history because the oracle tells you the fate of someone, it tells who will die. I can’t just believe it.

I just can’t believe it because superheroes cinema as well as the series which have reinvented history along with the occidental philosophy won’t end up soon, nor will they die. We are hypnotized since everyone wants to be a hero and never die, at least, NOT TODAY!

I recommend this piece of art

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